How To Make A Moana Cake With The Best Ideas Of 2023

If you’re planning a Moana-themed birthday party for your little princess, what could be more appropriate than a Moana cake?

This beautiful Moana birthday cake is an excellent way to enjoy the party. It would also provide hours of entertainment for fans of the Moana cartoon.

I am here to assist you if you have no experience making themed cakes. In this guide, I will share a step-by-step tutorial on making a Moana birthday cake.

The ingredients are so simple and easily available everywhere that you don’t have to go to different places. Let’s get started on this wonderful treat.

Moana Cake Ingredients:

The whole cake contains overall few things that you have to collect. Purchase the mentioned things, so you don’t feel any difficulty during making it. 

  • Cake mix of any flavors 5 boxes  
  • Crushed vanilla wafers 1 cup 
  • Candy melts of different colors (for seashells) 
  • Canisters of white frosting 4 to 5
  • Blue and green food colors 
  • Different candy flavors 

Moana cake topper figures: 

  • Palm trees 
  • Moana figurines 
  • Candy molder to make seashells 

How To Prepare Candy Seashells?

The most important and necessary thing is to make seashells and waves because they take a long time to set perfectly.

How To Prepare Candy Seashells?

All you need are multi-colored candies that have been melted and shaped into seashells. Let’s take it one step at a time, so they’re perfectly prepared.

  1. Melt each colored candy separately; so that you can create as many combinations as you want. However, melting the candies and then creating multi-color combinations is great fun. 
  2. After melting the candies, mix one, two, or three colors in a separate bowl. Don’t mix too much because it will turn to a solid color. 
  3. Fill the mold, clean the sides or excess candy, and put them in a refrigerator. 

How To Prepare The Wave-Shaped Design Cake?

Once you are done with the seashells, it’s time to make a big wave. These Moana cake ideas are super easy and efficient. Let’s get started to make a wave. 

  • Take a blue and white colored candy and melt them separately. 
  • Take the bowl that has a good curve at the bottom. 
  • Slightly spray the bowl with vegetable oil to help you remove the wave easily. 
  • Swirl both candies slightly and give them the wave shape with your fingers or spatula. Try to turn the candies in a natural wave to look more attractive. 
  • Once you get a proper wave shape, please put it in a refrigerator and let it cool. Make sure the wave should be long enough so that it can stand easily on the cake

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How To Prepare A Moana Birthday Cake? 

Now it’s time to make the actual part of the Moana theme birthday cake. It’s up to you to select the pan size, but I will go for a 9 * 3 pan. 

How To Prepare A Moana Birthday Cake? 
  • Bake the cake in the oven and make two sponges of 9*8. Let them cool. 
  • Don’t cut or frost the cake while they are hot. Let them cool first, and then do the rest of the processing. 
  • Use white icing to frost the cake. 
  • Simply cover one-third of the cake with white icing while the rest is covered with blue icing.
  • Split the cake in half and put them back together with the help of frosting to look like a mountain. 
  • Shape the cake into a mountain and crave as much as needed. 
  • Frost the mountain area with green icing and cover it with candy flowers. 
  • Make a line of blue and white icing on the opposite side of the cake. Swirl these two in such a way that they present the view of crashing waves on the beach. 
  • Now add palm trees to the beach’s edge. 
  • To create a sand look, sprinkle the white frosting with crushed vanilla wafers. 
  • To set the candy wave, make a hole in the cake with a spoon or knife and set the wave carefully.
  • Around the area of the wave, place the green heart of Te Fiti candy and put the figurines of Moana in the front on the beach. Moreover, put the candy seashells around the cake. 

How To Make A Moana Cake Topper? 

Making Moana cake topper figures at home could be difficult because it would require a lot of time and practice.

What about purchasing a Moana topper from a reputable online retailer? Yes, you can find various sizes of Moana cake toppers at Walmart and Amazon.

However, Moana cake Walmart offers different varieties of Moana party suppliers at reasonable prices. 

You can also get the complete Moana cake kit from Walmart. They sell all the characters and things that you need to create a Moana-themed birthday party.

Moreover, you can get all the necessary things to make a Moana cake, such as a Moana cake pan, Moana cake pops, and Moana cake topper figures. 

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