Brooklyn Style Pizza – Is Domino Brooklyn style pizza healthy?

New York pizzas are Brooklyn-style pizzas but to know is that what is this Brooklyn-style pizza and Brooklyn style pizza dominos.

Brooklyn-style pizza emerged from New York-style pizza. So, what is interesting about the New York pizza style? New York pizza is tossed first after rolling it out. The dough is kept very basic and organic. After toasting, the dough is then topped with tomato sauce.

So, the main feature of New York-style pizza is roasting the dough before baking. After this, the garnishing is processed. This article shows you all the details regarding Brooklyn-style pizza and Brooklyn-style pizza dominos.

What is Brooklyn styled pizza?

Brooklyn-style pizzas tend to be cut into 6 slices. This is in contrast to other thick-dough pizzas, such as the New York which are cut into 8 or 16 triangular pieces.

Moreover, Brooklyn-style pizzas are cut into squares like tacos pizza. This is because of the thin crust which can break more easily and it’s so good to eat.

What makes Brooklyn Style pizza dominos special?

Brooklyn-style pizza” is coined by Domino’s back in 2006. The company processed the dough to a crispy one. The company focused on the crispy crust and cornmeal. They introduced the pizza promising a thinner crust than all other pizzas.

They are now focusing on making a large Brooklyn-sized pizza, which would be enough for a family of six members to serve.

Are New York pizza and Domino Brooklyn-style pizza the same? The answer is affirmative. Both pizzas are almost the same in size, taste, and texture. The processing is also very similar.

The hand toasting and cornmeal tops are the main features that make these both sizzling. The main difference between the two is the amount of mozzarella that is used and the crispiness of the crust and dough.

The crispiness and thinness of the crust make the Brooklyn-style domino’s pizza special and unique. If you are searching for a pizza with a thin crust and a thin crispy baked dough then dominos Brooklyn-style pizza is a good choice for you.

The hand-spread and the hand-tossed dough is the famous feature in Brooklyn Style pizza and the remaining ingredients which involve the toppings and sauces are usually up to you

Is Domino Brooklyn-style pizza healthy?

This is not a healthy meal at all because of the higher content of fat in the dough and the cheesy and corny crust. So, this can’t be called a healthy meal and does not have any dietary importance.

That is the reason, the diet-conscious people usually don’t prefer to buy dominos Brooklyn-style pizza anymore.

How is Brooklyn-style pizza crust made?

Although the crust is thinner than many other pizzas, it is partially baked in more fat to achieve that extra crispiness. The crust is made with a corn meal trapped in the cheese and fat to make it crispier.

Many restaurants offer additional toppings to build your pizza. This will make your crust yummier and crispier also. Brooklyn pizzas tend to use a half mozzarella blend with half Provolone. 

Just remember, there is no hard and fast ingredient or topping for a Brooklyn-style pizza. All the company does to make it unique is build crispy crusts. You can switch the toppings and sauces based on your taste buds.


Brooklyn style pizza crust

The Brooklyn-style pizza is perfect for those who prefer less dough. Its crust is thin and is cooked with cornmeal to give it the desired crispiness.

Its crust’s thickness falls between the hand-tossed pizza and Domino’s “Crunchy Thin”. it feels like you are eating your favorite munchies snack

What is the best way to eat Brooklyn style pizza Dominos?

There is a special classical method of eating Brooklyn pizza. All you have to do is to roll the pizza into a size that can fit your mouth whole and then eat like you eat a wrap. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the cheese-corn combo well.

This can be an easier way to eat a thin dough pizza. Eating a Brooklyn-style pizza Dominos with forks and knives can be an odd way in this case. Because of the crispiness, it is not able for you to cut it with a food knife.

You can choose the way you like but this is the traditional and easiest way to eat a crisped slice. If you are thinking it to be a funnier way to roll a pizza and put it in your mouth.

Then don’t think so because genuinely it sounds well to eat such a pizza with a crispy crust that can’t be cut and taken with a knife.

How can you serve Domino Brooklyn style pizza?

Brooklyn pizzas are served in square slices rather than triangular ones. The reason is that the core is well topped and if you will cut it in a triangle then you will have a lack of the toppings you are looking for.

So, to taste every top in every bite it is well to cut the dominos Brooklyn style pizza in square. A single pizza is cut into 6-8 pieces.

However, if you are not willing to be on the side of the idea of a square slice of pizza, then you can contact your delivery customer service or restaurant customer service to cut your Brooklyn pizza into triangular slices or the way you want.

What are the best places to enjoy Domino Brooklyn style pizza?

Below are some of the best places to get a pizza in Brooklyn,

  • Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
  • Julian’s Pizzeria
  • Roberta’s Pizzeria
  • Lucali Brooklyn

Whether you make it at home, order takeout from Pizza Hut or Domino’s, or head to a pizzeria, you will get to experience the delights of this delicious pie. You can dine in these restaurants or take your order away.

There are online services available at these restaurants also. dining is the best option to enjoy the fresh crispy pies there. Out of all, Roberta’s Pizzeria is a special place to enjoy a special Brooklyn-style pizza.

FAQs Brooklyn Style Pizza

What is a Brooklyn-style pizza?

Brooklyn style pizza is a type of thin pie with a cheesy-cornmeal crust. The pizza tops and sauces are of your choice.
The fat-processed hand-tossed dough is a significant feature of the Brooklyn style pizza.

What is Brooklyn-style pizza crust?

The Brooklyn pizza crust is made up of cheese and cornmeal. The corn-fat combo makes this sizzling pie.
The corn is trapped in fatty cheese on a hand spread and fat-tossed dough. 

Is Brooklyn-Style pizza the same as a deep dish?

The answer is a big NO. There is a great difference between the deep-dish pizza in which the top of the pizza is very foggy with a bulk set of ingredients, toppings, and sauces.

What is Pizza Hut Brooklyn style?

The Brooklyn style pizza isn’t gummy like the hand-tossed option. Instead, it’s a very thin pizza with a less doughy crust and a crispier taste, which is very easy to eat.

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