16 Inch pizza – Is 16-Inch Pizza Medium Or large?

Are you looking for arranging a party and don’t know how much pizza to order? Don’t worry we get you and we will let you know everything you are looking for.

This article will help you know 16 inch pizza feeds how many, how many people a 16-inch pizza feeds, 16 inch pizza slices, and so on.

As we, the hosts know how much it is difficult to take all the party plans together tangled up in mind. Hosting had never been an easy task.

Is 16-inch Pizza Medium large

You have to take account of a variety of taste buds before planning the menu. Party seating accommodations and decorations are quite easier than the managing menu and doing the calculations of the food required.

Everyone at the party or any other event looks for pizza, so you must have to add pizza as a basic menu item and this seems to be at the top of the list in the menu.

The party size gives you an idea of the pizza size to order. The large parties like a wedding treat, a night hangout, and huge gaming night, occasional events demand extra large pizzas. 

This extra-large pizza is almost 16 inches in diameter. But do you exactly know how many slices are there in this 16 inch pizza?

Before ordering the 16-inch pizza you must know the default cut number of slices so you may be able to calculate accordingly.

You should know what this 16-inch pizza is. and Why it is called so?? The simple answer to this is that pizza is named so based on its diameter. An extra-large pizza is 16 inches in diameter that’s why it is named so.

16-Inch Pizza Size

If you have been with pizza at your party you must already know that a 16 inch pizza is 200 square inches in its area. This area seems quite large if we compare this with other size sorts of pizzas.

This estimation would give you a rough insight into the slices it may cut into. Discussing the pizza slices we will also go through the parameters you must know to lessen your pizza demand at the party by your guests and we will then come through the overall pizza count. Stay here and keep on reading the details we are talking about.

How Many Slices Are In 16 Inch Pizza?

Typically, a 16-inch pizza is cut into 8-12 slices. The cutting is brand-based. Most brands preferably cut the pizza in 8 and some prefer to cut 12 slices from 16-inches pizza. This cutting style makes the difference.

How Many Slices Are In 16 Inch Pizza?

Most of the brands advertise or caption their pizzas based on the number of slices rather than the diameter of the pizza to be served.

This gives us the view that a pizza’s size is measured in terms of slices, not the inches or diameter.

16 Inch Pizza Weight

16-inch pizza weighs around 17.777 ounces. The weight may vary by the toppings. The thicker and dense toppings and the loaded crusts may add to the weight of the pizza and make it weigh more than the typical one.

Let’s compare the 16-inch pizza size with that of the 16-inch pizza so you may get clearer and verified details.

16 Inch pizza Vs 12 Inch Pizza

Generally, a 12-inch small pizza serves 8 slices and that is by default you can customize the cuttings.

On the other side, Large 16-inch pizza comes in more than 12 slices and it fits well for large parties.

Whereas 12-inch pizzas go well with family gatherings. As evident from the names that 12-inch pizza has a diameter of 12 inches and a 16 inch pizza is 16 inches.

16-inch pizza Vs 12-inch

The number of people these pizzas serve is also based on the difference between the number of slices they are brought in.

Estimating two slices for each person gives us the fact that where 12-inch pizza feeds 8 stomachs, on the other side 16 inch pizza goes well with 6 people. There are additional two servings of 16-inches pizza as explained.

Different Sizes of Pizzas:

How Much Pizza To Order?

Calculating the number of pizzas must take into account the following points,

  • Must note the type of toppings. If there are more cheesy and meaty toppings with many calories then there can be a chance that people would digest less and you will be left with many slices. So just make sure the toppings you are ordering your pizza with.
  • Secondly, keep notice of the appetite. If you are less with the budget and don’t want to draw much money on pizzas then it is recommended to add some appetizers to your menu. You can add salads, siders, and organic light sandwiches. So, your guests have some in their stomachs before grabbing the pizza slices.
  • To make pizzas less attractive for kids at the party, add some attractive pies, chocolate and strawberry cupcakes, and chocolate fountains so the kids may ignore the pizzas.
  • Before ordering pizza have a rough estimation and make a list of youngsters, elders, and kids separately. Estimate 2 slices for each youngster and 1 slice for kids or the known diet-conscious ladies of your circle.
  • Using a pizza calculator is highly recommended. Add the number of people in the section. It will give you the number of pizzas to be ordered.

16 Inch Pizza Price

A rough estimation from many brands and locations takes us to the idea that the pizzas are generally 3-4 times more than that of the 8-inch pizza or the personal size pizza.

The toppings and customizations also add to the price of a pizza.  The customized cuttings with more pizza slices come with an additional price too. For one 16 inch pizza, you have to pay $16.59 from your pocket.

This isn’t so much. Don’t be afraid of this amount. Where you were about to put your money for six 8-inch pizzas, now you can pay this collectively for one 16-inch pizza. It is the same thing so far.

16 Inch Pizza Calories

A whole 16 inch pizza adds 380 calories to your body. Be watchful of your health before eating this cheesy delight. The calculated nutritional facts are,

  1. 34 grams carbs in total
  2. 20 grams fat
  3. 19 grams of protein in total

Don’t eat too much that you may feel ill or there can be some digestive disorders. Add some appetizers to your diet so you may be able to satisfy your cravings with less intake.

How Many People Does A 16 Inch Pizza Feed?

A 16 Inch pizza gives 12 slices. The brands may have their cutting style and size variations.

This size is enough for large gatherings and huge occasional events. Though the pizza prices inflate with that of their size.

The more the size the more toppings and servings per slice. To deal with the large slices, pizzas are to be cut into the most convenient style so there may be a healthy treat.

A single person may find trouble eating 16 inch of pizza which is the basic evidence of how big is a 16 inch pizza.

It is big enough that it can be shared among 6 people with an adequate appetite. Finishing this extra-large sized pizza can be a difficult task for two too. The figures proved its large surface area.

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