Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes 2023

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your mom feel special.

You can’t go wrong with Dairy Queen Mother’s Day cakes to show her how much you care! These delicious cakes are the perfect way to surprise and delight your mom on her special day.

Mother's Day Cakes

In this blog post, we’ll share everything you need to know about making and decorating these mouthwatering treats. Get ready to impress your mom with a Dairy Queen cake she won’t forget!

Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cake 2023

Dairy Queen Mothers Day cake 2023 is a special edition cake released by Dairy Queen to celebrate Mother’s Day. The perfect combination of creamy vanilla ice cream and moist chocolate cake makes these cakes.

 These cakes come in two designs—Sunflower Mother’s Day Cake and Heart Shaped Mother’s Day Cake.

The Sunflower design features bright yellow petals made from icing, while the heart-shaped design is decorated with colorful flowers and swirls.

Dairy Queen Mother's Day Cakes

The Dairy Queen Mother’s Day cakes serve up to eight people, making them the perfect size for sharing with family during your Mothers Day cakes celebrations! You can order them online or visit your local Dairy Queen.

If you’re looking for a sweet way to show your mom how much she means to you this year, consider surprising her with one of these delicious Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes. Trust us; it will be an unforgettable treat that she won’t soon forget!

How to make Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cake?

Making a Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes is easier than you might think! Here are some excellent quick & easy steps to follow:

Mother’s Day Cakes Ingredients

You must gather all the necessary ingredients, such as cake mix, frosting, and additional decorations or toppings. In addition, there are various flavors to choose from, including chocolate fudge and vanilla.

Afterward, follow the baking instructions on the cake mix box.

  • Once the cake is fully baked, allow it to cool before removing it from the pan.
  • After performing the above task, use a serrated knife to level off the top of your cake so that it has an even surface.
  • Then apply a layer of frosting to ensure your chosen toppings stick properly.
  • Now comes the fun part – decorating! Use colorful sprinkles and candies like M&M for added texture and flavor.
  • You can also add personalized touches like writing “Happy Mother’s Day” using icing or adding fresh flowers for garnish.
  • Place your masterpiece in the freezer until ready to serve!

With these simple steps, you’ll have a beautiful and delicious Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cake in no time!


Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes Design, Size, Serving & Price

Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes Design8″ Round
Serves 8-10
10″ Round Serves 12-1610″ x 14″ Sheet Serves 20-24
SPR26 Purple, Pink, Yellow Rosette with Stars and Puff Icing$26.99$31.99$37.99
B22 Pink, Orange, Dark Blue Icing Rosette Border$26.99$31.99$37.99
Best Mom Ever PhotoCake® Edible Image®$39.98$44.98$50.98
Black and White Flora-Sheet PhotoCake® Image$39.98$44.98$50.98
Circle of Rosebuds Icing$26.99$31.99$37.99
Cutie Pie Garden PhotoCake® Strips$39.98$44.98$50.98
Floral Geometric PhotoCake® Edible Image® Frame$39.98$44.98$50.98
Fun Flowers Yellow, Pink and Blue Icing$26.99$44.98$50.98
Greenery PhotoCake® Strips$39.98$44.98$50.98
I Love You Mom PhotoCake® Image$39.98$44.98$50.98
Leaves Geometric PhotoCake® Edible Image® Frame$39.98$44.98$50.98
Polka Dot Blue Designer Prints™ with Flower$39.98$44.98$50.98
Polka Dot Green Designer Prints™ with Flower$39.98$44.98$50.98
Polka Dot Pink Designer Prints™ with Flower$39.98$44.98$50.98
Springtime Wreath PhotoCake® Edible Image® Frame$39.98$44.98$50.98

Tips for decorating Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes

If you are decorating a Dairy Queen Mother’s Day cakes, it needs something extra to make it look stunning. Here are some tips for decorating your Dairy Queen Mother’s Day cakes:

The first thing you should consider is the theme of your celebration. If you’re having a brunch-themed party, add fruit and whipped cream to your cake. For an outdoor gathering, decorate with flowers or greenery.

Choose a stunning color scheme that complements the occasion. You can use different colored frosting or fondant to give your cake a pop of color or sprinkle edible glitter to add sparkle.

Personalize the message on the cake by adding mom’s name or writing “Happy Mother’s Day” in cursive script using buttercream icing.

Get creative with texture by piping floral designs onto the side of the cake or adding rosettes on top. You can also use decorative molds to create intricate shapes and patterns from chocolate or fondant.

Feel free to mix and match techniques for a truly unique design that will impress Mom!

How to order Dairy Queen cakes?

Ordering a Dairy Queen cake is a straightforward process. Here’s a general guide on how to do it:

  1. Visit a Dairy Queen Store or Website:
    • In-Store: You can visit your local Dairy Queen store to view available cake designs and sizes. This allows you to speak directly with staff about customizations and pick-up times.
    • Online: Many Dairy Queen locations offer online ordering through their websites. This is convenient if you already know what you want or if you’re familiar with their cake offerings.
  2. Choose Cake Size and Design:
    • Dairy Queen offers various sizes of cakes, suitable for different numbers of servings. Choose a size based on your needs.
    • They have a range of designs, from classic to themed options. Some stores also offer custom designs.
  3. Select Flavors and Fillings:
    • Dairy Queen cakes typically feature their famous soft serve, and you can often choose between chocolate and vanilla.
    • Many cakes include a layer of fudge and crunch, but you might have other options depending on the store.
  4. Customize Your Cake:
    • If you want to customize your cake, discuss your requirements with the staff. This could include special messages, colors, or specific designs.
  5. Place Your Order:
    • Once you’ve made your selections, place your order. If ordering in-store, they will usually take down your details. Online, you’ll fill in these details on the website.
  6. Confirm Pick-up or Delivery Details:
    • Arrange a pick-up time that suits you. Some locations may also offer delivery, so inquire about this option if it’s more convenient for you.
  7. Payment:
    • Payment is typically made at the time of ordering, especially for customized cakes. This can be done in-store or through the online platform.
  8. Pick Up Your Cake:
    • Arrive at the Dairy Queen store at your arranged pick-up time. Ensure the cake is as ordered, and carefully transport it to your event.

FAQs Regarding Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes

If you plan to surprise your mom with a Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cake, you might have a few questions. Don’t worry – we’ve got answers!

What are the different flavors of Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes?

Dairy Queen offers a wide range of flavors for their cakes, including chocolate fudge, vanilla, strawberry, and Oreo.

Do Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes come in different sizes?

Yes! You can choose between 8-inch or 10-inch cakes depending on the number of people you plan to serve.

How much do Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes cost?

The price varies depending on the size and design of the cake.

Can I customize my Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cake?

Absolutely! In addition to choosing your flavor and size, you can add personalized messages or decorations, such as sunflowers, making them perfect gifts for moms who love this flower.

Is it possible to order online?

Yes! Ordering online is accessible through the official website or mobile app. Alternatively, contact your nearest location by phone ahead of time if there are any special requests needed.


Dairy Queen ice cream Cakes are a unique and delicious way to surprise your mom on her special day.

With their customizable options and wide range of flavors, these cakes will surely please any mom’s taste buds.

Whether you choose the classic sunflower design or something more personalized, like adding your message or photo, Dairy Queen Mother’s Day Cakes offer endless possibilities for making this year’s celebration extra memorable.

So why not treat your mom to something sweet this Mother’s Day? Order a Dairy Queen cake today and give her a gift she will remember.

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