Grand Central Bakery Menu Prices 2023

Grand Central Bakery is well known for its customer service. As they believe in integrity and passion. They are striving best to keep time and tradition in their products.

grand central bakery overview

This combo is unique, giving them a distinct rank. The best thing is that they never compromise on the quality of the best one.   

Complete Grand Central Bakery Menu

The exciting menu contains the following menu items on the main menu,

  • Café menu featuring a special California avocado veggie grinder, turkey deluxe, tuna salad, tuna melt, and more
  • Nutritious side salads and seasonal house-made soups complement the café menu
  • Pastry menu includes items like pecan pull-apart, quiche, ice brioche cinnamon rolls, and Almond Croissant
  • Freshly baked bread options include peasant Levain, sourdough, challah, potato buns, Como, and sour rye
  • U-bake and pantry items offer frozen homemade chicken pot pies, chocolate chip cookies, pizza dough, and pies
  • The Pantry provides ST. Jude canned tuna, locally roasted coffee beans, local farm eggs, flour, and dry yeast
  • Flavorsome, freshly baked items made from scratch using seasonal ingredients and traditional fermentation techniques

Grand Central Bakery Menu with Prices

Grand central bakery includes different items on its menu, according to items prices vary. The prices of some items are given below;

Classic Sandwiches Prices

All grand central sandwiches begin with slow-fermented, heart-baked loaves of bread using flour grown & milled in the northwest. The prices vary with the quality of ingredients used.

From Crunchy natural peanut butter & Glenmore farms jam on whole-grain Campagnolo to House-roasted Diestel turkey breast, crisp bacon, Swiss cheese, sweet onion, lettuce, Dijon mustard & mayonnaise on whole wheat the prices range between $4.25 to $11.00.

Seasonal Sandwiches Prices

The seasonal sandwiches include a

  • GCB grinder for $10.00
  • Oregon Shrimp Roll for $8.25.

Grand Central Bakery Breakfast Menu Prices

Build your breakfast sandwich, served with house-made tomato relish & butter & jam on the side.

  • Add Beecher’s flagship or Swiss for $1.25,
  • Canadian bacon for $3.00,
  • Beeler’s pure pork bacon for $3.25,
  • add house-made pork sausage for  $2.25.
  • The price of the basic breakfast is $4.25.

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Grand Central Bakery Salads & Sides Menu with Prices

Chicken & White Bean Salad Bowl$9.75Tender cannellini beans, fresh fennel, celery and onion, fresh parsley and tarragon, radicchio and diced roasted scratch farms chicken in white wine vinaigrette. Served on a bed of salad greens with a roll and butter.
Kale Caesar$3.00Fresh kale with a vegetarian caesar dressing and toasted parmesan bread crumbs.
Side Salad$3.50Fresh mixed salad greens with white wine vinaigrette. Served with a roll.

Grand Central Bakery Classic Sandwiches Menu with Prices

Sandwich at Grand Central BakeryDescriptionPrice
Turkey & ChutneyHouse-roasted Diestel turkey breast, Havarti cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, and Grand Central cranberry chutney on Como bread.$9.00+
The Turkey DeluxeHouse-roasted Diestel turkey breast, crisp bacon, Swiss cheese, sweet onion, lettuce, Dijon mustard, and mayonnaise on whole wheat bread.$11.25+
Ham & SwissNorthwest-raised ham and Swiss cheese served French-style with lightly salted butter, Dijon mustard, and lettuce on a demi baguette or German-style with honey mustard, mayonnaise, and lettuce on sour rye bread.$8.50+
Tuna SaladLine-caught Pacific albacore tuna with capers, crunchy celery, sweet onion, fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, mayonnaise, and crisp lettuce on Peasant bread.$8.50+
Tuna MeltDelicious line-caught albacore tuna salad with melty cheddar cheese on sourdough bread.$8.75+
Basil Egg SaladEgg salad served with sundried tomato mayonnaise, fresh basil, sweet onion, and lettuce on Calamata Olive bread.$7.50+
Vegetarian GrinderHavarti and Parmesan cheeses, avocado, sweet onion, pickled peppers, lettuce, vinaigrette, and a touch of mayonnaise on a seeded baguette.$8.75+
Mediterranean MeltHouse-made tomato relish, fresh basil, vinaigrette, and melty Havarti cheese on Calamata Olive bread.$7.75+
Grilled CheeseCheddar and Havarti cheeses with a touch of mayonnaise on Como bread.$5.50+
PB&JCrunchy natural peanut butter and Glenmore Farms jam on whole-grain Campagnolo bread.$4.25+

Grand Central Bakery Seasonal Sandwiches Menu with Prices

The ReubenHouse-made corned beef, pickly cabbage slaw, thousand island dressing, and Swiss cheese grilled on sour rye bread. Served with a pickle spear.$10.00+
The Green GoatPortland Creamery chevre, roasted and marinated beets, peppery local arugula dressed with red onions and vinaigrette on a semolina baguette. Served with a pickle spear.$8.75+
Blue RibbonThinly sliced roast beef, pickled red onions, fresh salad greens, and blue cheese mayo on a toasted potato bun. Served with a pickle spear.$9.00+

Grand Central Breakfast Sandwiches Prices

Bacon Egg BoloCrisp bacon and an over easy egg on a toasted grande bolo roll or croissant.$7.50
Cheddar Egg BiscuitA fluffy buttermilk biscuit with a scrambled egg and melted cheddar cheese.$5.75
Sausage Egg BiscuitA fluffy buttermilk biscuit with a scrambled egg and house-made sausage patty.$6.75
The BasicBegin with a pasture-raised egg cooked the way you like it and your choice of bread.$4.25
Add-onsCheese: Add your choice of cheese for $1.25.
House-made pork sausage: Add house-made pork sausage for $2.25.
Beeler’s pure pork bacon: Add Beeler’s pure pork bacon for $3.25.

Please note that the prices are listed as provided in the description.

Types of Cookies at Grand Central Bakery

  1. Chocolate Chip
  2. Ginger Molasses
  3. Peanut Butter

Types of Homemade Pastries

  1. Donut Muffin
  2. Seasonal Fruit Danish
  3. Ham & Cheese Twice-Baked Croissant
  4. Croissant
  5. Chocolate Croissant
  6. Almond Croissant
  7. Cheese Danish
  8. Pecan Pull-Aparts
  9. Quiche
  10. Jammer
  11. Rustic Cinnamon Rolls
  12. Iced Brioche Cinnamon Rolls
  13. Blueberry Muffin
  14. Scones (Rotating flavors)
  15. Coffee Cake

Grand Central Bakery & Cafe Sandwiches

  1. Shrimp Roll
  2. Happy Garden (Vegan)
  3. Turkey & Chutney
  4. The Turkey Deluxe
  5. French Ham
  6. Blue Ribbon
  7. Tuna Salad
  8. Tuna Melt
  9. Happy Goat
  10. Veggie Grinder
  11. Grilled Cheese
  12. PB&J

Grand Central Bakery Breakfast Sandwiches

  1. Bacon Egg Bolo
  2. Bacon Egg Croissant
  3. Cheddar Egg Biscuit
  4. Sausage Egg Biscuit
  5. Build Your Own (Choice of egg and bread)
  6. Add-Ons (Bacon, sausage patty, cheese, Mama Lil’s peppers, extra egg)

Grand Central Bakery & Cafe Salads Menu

  1. Special! Spring Chicken Salad
  2. Any Sandwich as a Salad
  3. Side Salad
  4. Kale Caesar Side Salad

Grand Central Bakery Breads Menu

Bakery menu prices
Bakery Grand Central BreadDescription
CampagnoloHearty and mildly sweet country-style loaf with a mix of eight whole grains. Great for sandwiches or toasted with nut butter.
ComoSignature Italian-style hearth bread with a golden crust and chewy interior. Perfect for sandwiches, toast, and bruschetta.
Multigrain Whole Wheat100% whole-grain loaf with toasted whole-grain oats, pumpkin, and flax seeds. A nutritious choice for table or sandwich bread.
Peasant LevainNaturally leavened with wild yeast, this dark crust and nutty loaf is versatile for cheese platters, sandwiches, and toast.
Rustic BaguetteHand-shaped baguette with a crusty exterior and lightly sweet flavor. Ideal for dipping in olive oil or serving with cheese.
SourdoughNaturally leavened with wild yeast, this dark crust and the nutty loaf is versatile for cheese platters, sandwiches, and toast.
Sour RyeSourdough bread with toasted caraway seeds, rye flour, and a touch of molasses. Pair it with pastrami or roast beef.
Goldendale Whole WheatSandwich loaf packed with local flour and whole grains, sweetened with raisin juice.
ChallahTraditional braided egg bread, rich and sweet. Enjoy it for Shabbat or weekend French toast.
Potato BunsSoft and sturdy buns made with potato flour, sweet cream butter, and sour starter. Ideal for breakfast sandwiches or burgers.
Hot Dog BunsClassic hot dog buns with a rich buttery flavor from brioche dough.

Please note that availability may vary.

Bakery Grand Central Frozen U-Bake products

Ready-to-Use Pie DoughTender and buttery pie dough available as pre-formed single pie shells or two pre-rolled disks for double-crust pies.
Apple Pie (Seasonal)Flaky all-butter pastry filled with crisp local apples and a touch of cinnamon-sugar.
Blueberry Pie (Seasonal)Plump and juicy local blueberries nestled in a flaky all-butter pie crust.
Marionberry Pie (Seasonal)Complex and rich Oregon Marionberries in a tender and buttery crust.
Classic Vanilla Shortbread DoughFrozen bricks of vanilla shortbread dough, perfect for making slice-and-bake cookies or roll and cut out holiday cookies.
Chocolate Chip CookiesPreformed dough for classic chocolate chip cookies made with real butter. Makes 1 dozen large cookies.
Pizza DoughFlavorful artisan pizza dough available in plain or whole wheat options. Great for making pizza, focaccia, or flatbread.
Chicken Pot PieSingle-serving pot pie made with pasture-raised organic chicken, locally raised vegetables, fresh thyme, and flaky all-butter pastry.
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Seasonal)Sweet and tart local strawberries and rhubarb in an all-butter pie crust.
Pantry Items1 dozen local farm eggs: Pastured eggs from chickens raised on fresh air and organic grains.
St. Jude Canned Tuna: Sustainable Pacific albacore caught by the Malley family and processed locally (6oz can).
Oregon Growers Jam: Farm-fresh local berries processed with minimal sugar (12 oz jars). Choose between marionberry and raspberry.
Locally Roasted Coffee Beans: Freshly roasted beans from local direct-trade companies Victrola (Seattle) or Nossa Familia (Portland) (12 ounces).
Tao of Tea Premium Sachets: Organic pure leaf tea from The Tao of Tea, available in Earl Grey, Wild Black, Jasmine, or Mint & Tulsi (Box of 15 sachets).
Artisan Chai Concentrate: 16-ounce bottle from Metolius Chai to make delicious chai beverages at home.
MerchandiseThe Grand Central Baking Book: A collection of over 100 much-loved recipes by Piper Davis and Ellen Jackson.
Linen Bread Bag: All-natural linen and cotton bread bag, sewn and screen printed by hand at Fernhill Studio in Portland, Ore.
Insulated Travel Mug: Red 12-ounce lidded travel mugs with the Grand Central logo, suitable for hot and cold beverages.

Please note that the availability of seasonal items may vary.

Grand Central Bakery Locations

The community café is found in the locations given below,

Grand Central Bakery Portland Menu:

  1. Savor the flavors of Portland with Grand Central Bakery’s diverse menu featuring artisan bread, delectable pastries, and hearty sandwiches made with locally sourced ingredients.
  2. From their famous breads like sourdough and challah to tempting treats like cinnamon rolls and quiches, Grand Central Bakery offers a menu that caters to every taste in Portland.
  3. Enjoy the perfect blend of Pacific Northwest flavors and bakery delights at Grand Central Bakery, where their menu showcases the best of Portland’s culinary scene.

Grand Central Bakery Seattle Menu:

  1. Experience the culinary wonders of Seattle at Grand Central Bakery, where their menu boasts a range of freshly baked bread, mouthwatering pastries, and sandwiches made with local ingredients.
  2. From their signature loaves like sourdough and Como to irresistible treats like croissants and cookies, Grand Central Bakery’s Seattle menu is a haven for food enthusiasts.
  3. Immerse yourself in the vibrant food culture of Seattle with Grand Central Bakery’s diverse menu, offering a delightful selection of bakery items that capture the essence of the city.

Grand Central Bakery Location

Grand Central Bakery 2230 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214 United States

FAQs About Grand Central Bakery

Where is Magnolia Bakery in Grand Central?

Magnolia Bakery in grand central, located in the lower dining concourse at the bustling Grand Central Terminal, this location is an easy stop for commuters and tourists.
89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017 is the precise location of the Magnolia Bakery in Grand Central.

Who owns Grand Central Bakery?

Grand Central Bakery that started with baking 80 loaves a day to now baking thousands of loaves a day has been pioneered by Gwen Bassetti in 1989.

What was the name of the bakery in Grand Central Station?

Zaro’s Family Bakery was the name of the bakery in Grand Central Station.

How many calories are in a Grand Central blueberry muffin?

A regular blueberry muffin has 467 calories with 39 grams of sugar content and 19 grams of fat. And a reduced fat blueberry muffin contains 410 calories with low fat as the name suggests.

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