Corner Bakery Café – Are You Looking For The Latest Corner Bakery Café Menu & Prices 2022?

Corner bakery café was first established in 1991 in Chicago, Illinois (U.S). This famous bakery café is renowned for its specialty artisan bread and freshly baked goods. This popular American chain of cafes has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.  

Corner bakery café is a subsidiary of Pandya Restaurant Growth Brands, LLC. Its parent organization is the Rohan Group of Companies. It’s mostly famous for its homemade soups, sandwiches made with great fresh ingredients, moist pastries, salads, and more.

How did Corner Bakery Café Get Started?

If we look back at its history, it started as a small neighborhood café located on a corner in midtown Chicago. Hence named “Corner bakery” or “Corner café bakery”.

The foundation of this café was based on fresh ingredients. That’s where it all started. They believed that the use of fresh and great ingredients preserves the nutritious value of food.

Moreover, fresh ingredients are not mixed with other preservatives and chemicals that might sometimes be carcinogenic. Thus, tastes better and gives healthy and wholesome benefits. 

Corner Bakery Café Menu

Corner bakery Café menu has such an appetizing food list. All the items are very amazing and yummy. But the availability of these items can vary from location to location.

Its breakfast menu is also very popular. If we look at their “breakfast favorite” and regular items, there is a wide range of options available to choose from. These include:

  • Bacon Avocado Egg Bowl with 680 calories
  • Anaheim Scrambler with 590 calories
  • All American Scrambler with 400 calories
  • Buttermilk Pancakes with a total of 610 calories
  • Buttermilk Pancakes with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon (1010 calories)
  • Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with 600 calories
  • Buttermilk Pancakes with Bacon with a total of 770 calories
  • Bacon and Cheddar Sandwich with 620 calories
  • Anaheim Panini with 590 calories
  • Chicken Sausage with 660 calories
  • Avocado with 590 calories
  • Steel-cut Oatmeal with 350 calories
  • Apple & banana overnight oats with 360 calories
  • Berry & Almond Overnight oats with 490 calories
  • Bacon with 680 calories
  • BBLT & Egg Sandwich with 840 calories

The best thing about Corner Bakery Café menu is that all the ingredients used in each item are also mentioned on it along with the total number of calories. In this way, you can also track your calorie intake.

Besides this, you can also let them exclude any specific ingredient if you don’t like it in your food. 

There is also a wide range of other items like soups, pasta, fresh salads, paninis, kid’s meals, family meals, drinks, and sweets. You can check them out online on their website catalog.

You can also have a look at their extensive menu by going in person. They also offer a limited table service unlike other café chains or fast-food restaurants. 

Corner bakery café also has a special section on their menu if you want to try a different food combo. It includes “Mix & Match trio” (The Trio) and “Choose Two.” You can have any 2 or 3 sides along with a soup cup in “The Trio” deal. Or you can select any 2 favorite items from a half sandwich, Café pasta, half panini, cup of soup, and Café salad if you select the “Choose Two” deal. 

Corner Bakery Menu Prices

The prices of items in Corner bakery café are quite reasonable just like other cafes. But the quality is high as compared to fast-food restaurants. It will cost you around just $10 to get any meal on the menu.

The latest 2022 price list of the Corner bakery menu is updated. You can check it online and in person too. 

You can get a kid’s breakfast for under $5. The price of kid’s favorite chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes is $4.59.

While the price of a kid’s scrambler with fruits and bacon is also $4.59. It’s pretty budget-friendly for sure. You can also get any of the kid’s lunch and dinner meals at the same price. Homemade Mac & cheese also cost $4.59.

As far as the bakery goods are concerned, you can get them in the range of $0.99 – $3.99. All your favorite flavors are available. The price of Cinnamon crème cake is $2.69 (per slice).

Whereas the price of a chocolate Bundt cake is $2.79. Besides this, you can have your hands on Cinnamon pecan or apricot walnut rugelach for just $0.99. Voila! It’s very economical. 

You can get grilled panini of any flavor in the range of $7.49 – $7.99. The same is the price of grilled flatbreads ($7.99). Now, if we come to Corner bakery café signature sandwiches, they cost you as high as $8.99 (steak and cheese hot toasted sandwich) and as low as $6.99 (Mom’s tuna salad on harvest). 

A bread bowl of soup costs a maximum of $6.88 (Big Al’s chili) and a minimum of $6.08 (loaded baked potato soup). On the other hand, a cup of soup costs as high as $4.99 (Big Al’s chili) and as low as $4.09 (Mom’s chicken noodle soup).

The price of Corner bakery café Anaheim scrambler is $7.49. And the price of their buttermilk pancakes and eggs is $7.79. Their menu is very large and you can get almost any food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. The price of all the items on the menu is under $10

So, if you want to enjoy top-notch quality food that too at an affordable rate, then this café is a must-try. The prices are average, neither too low nor too high. But still better than many other fast-food restaurants and café chains if we compare quality. 

If you’re searching for a “Corner bakery near me”, then try by entering your current location . After choosing your nearby corner bakery café, browse their menu and order your favorite meal within minutes.

You can also track your food delivery. Apart from this, you can also place a pickup order in advance, and go in-person to pick it up when it’s ready. The choice is yours. 


How did Corner Bakery Café Manage to Get Huge Success?

This brand got such a huge success with its reliability and hospitality.  Their main aim was to serve their customers a warm and homely environment along with premium-quality food.

Inspired by fine and natural ingredients, they started making fresh baked goods and sweets. 

The very first item that was created in this café is Artisan bread. Their bread is so soft and flavorful. With their high-quality bread and sweets, they succeeded in catching the attention of their customers.

Upon people’s request, they expanded their menu with other scrumptious items. These items include custom-made scramblers, homemade soups, fresh salads, yummy pastries, delightful sandwiches made with their signature artisan bread, and many more. 

That being so, their business developed and grew over time. Today, Corner bakery café has around 192 locations in 23 different states of America.

Most of them are located in Texas, Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. It has become a nationwide café bakery now. 

They still follow their years ago philosophy and tradition of creating a comfortable environment for their customers. An ambiance where people can relax with their loved ones and can enjoy freshly made sizzling sandwiches, paninis, pasta, and custom-built salads.

When you enter Corner bakery café, you feel a surreal atmosphere with good vibes. You can smell their fresh herbs, feel the warmth coming from their ovens, and can hear the chopping of vegetables. 

FAQs About Corner Bakery café

What time does the corner bakery café stop serving breakfast?

Corner bakery café serves breakfast all day from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm (Mon – Thu), from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm (Fri – Sat), and from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm on Sunday. 

Does the corner bakery serve breakfast all day?

Yes, the corner bakery serves breakfast throughout the day. So if you’re someone who likes to have their breakfast late or at any time of the day, this is the best café for you.

What time does the corner bakery close?

Opening and closing times may vary depending upon the location. You can select your location online on their website and check the closing hours accordingly. 

How much does the corner bakery café pay?

Corner bakery café pays around $20k -$52k per year. Whereas it pays $11 – $16 per hour for a cashier. Salary varies depending upon the work type and your role in the café. 

Final Words

If you are looking for some amazing food options, then give Corner bakery café a try . It’s a peaceful, warm, and extremely comfortable place to spend quality time with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Their food is also quite amazing with premium-quality ingredients. Hence, it’s the best option to enjoy both a great venue and food. 

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