Portos Cakes Menu Prices 2022

To satisfy one’s sweet tooth, cakes are the best desserts to fill up your stomach and fulfill your sugar cravings. Porto’s bakery is another famous dessert shop for all the cake lovers out there. The best thing about this bakery is its delicious and mouth-watering cakes.

Portos cakes are so rich and unique in taste. You will always remember the taste of these gorgeous cakes whenever you try any other cake. 

If we talk about Portos bakery, it’s a local Cuban bakeshop with several branches being expanded at different locations in Orange and Los Angeles. It is also one of the most famous bakeries in California.

The foundation of the Porto’s bakery was solely based on the motto “quality is the number one ingredient in everything we do.” Hence Portos family is still following it with the same enthusiasm. 

Portos Cakes – A Name of Quality and Loyalty

At Portos, the team makes sure to keep quality the main priority of their baking business. Thus setting the bar high with the best home baking experience in the town with high-quality baked goods.

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Portos has its locations in Buena Park, Downey, West Covina, Glendale, and Burbank. The best thing about Portos cakes is that they taste the same even if you try them after years.

Portos is still keeping its integrity intact by efficiently implementing its motto in the making of its baked goods. Rosa, the founder of Porto’s, always made sure to never compromise on the quality of her baked goods. Porto’s family has still maintained the same warmth and love for the customers even after the death of Rosa in 2019.

It’s human nature that he remembers every small detail about any good and pleasant thing. You always talk about the goodness of that specific thing while trying anything similar to that.

Same is the case with these scrumptious Portos cakes. The commitment and dedication that Porto’s bakery put into the making of their goods is beyond the sweet taste of cakes and pastries. 

A good thing always leaves its positive impact on its users. That’s how a Portos cake lingers a sweet impact on its consumers just like an unforgettable compliment always stays in your heart.

The appealing and eye-catching look of Portos bakery cakes automatically grabs the attention of the customers. Their bakery-style always feels so nostalgic and reminds of old homemade traditional cakes, if that sounds reasonable.

What Kind of Cakes Do Portos Have?

Portos has a huge variety of cakes from the basics to the unique ones. All the cakes are so heavenly, delicious and beautiful. You can never resist them especially if you are on a diet. After all, a cheat day can motivate you to stick to your diet, Yay or Nay? 

If we figure out Portos cake calories, then there are a total 295 calories in one piece of tres leches cake. Number of calories also varies depending upon the flavor and ingredients of a cake. Portos cheesecake has 275 calories. However, Porto’s fruit tart has just 35 calories in total.

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The basic cake flavors include carrot cake, Parisian chocolate cake (a special Portos cake chocolate), red velvet cake etc.

Whereas, chocolate raspberry, mango mousse, and fresh fruit tart comes under the category of fruit cakes. These cakes are either layered with fruit chunks, or are topped with them. In the cheesecakes category, New York style, and fresh strawberry cheesecake are most popular. 

The special cakes are the unique ones that are different from the basics and fruit cakes. Portos Milhojas cake is also pretty good.

The special cakes are worth-trying. These include milk ‘N berries cake, Tres Leches cake, and Tiramisu. The special Rosa Porto’s pineapple Cuban cake is also an amazing option on Portos cake menu. 

There are also many other cake options mentioned on the menu but not all of them are available at certain locations.

The above-mentioned cakes are mostly available on Porto’s website menu. Its unique cakes are a little fancier than the simple classic ones.

But all the cakes are equally good and beautiful with fresh ingredients being used in their making. 

What are the Prices of Portos Cakes?

The prices of Porto’s cakes also depend on Porto’s cake sizes. The rates of round cake and sheets are different based on how big or small of a cake you need.

Besides pre-made tarts, pastries, cookies, and cakes, you can also get customized cakes to match your occasion’s theme. 

Based on what kind of cake you would like to have; Portos cakes prices range from $10 to a few hundred dollars. If you want a Porto’s special flavor cake, then it would cost around $10.25-$17.50.

The price of a 9 inch Dulce de Leche cake is $10.25 and the price of 10 inch Tres Leches Bundt cake is $17.50. A 9-inch crumb Bundt cake will cost $10.25, whereas the price of an 8-inch Crème Brulee Bundt cake is $16.50. 

As far as Portos sheet and round cakes are concerned, the price of a full sheet cake is $141.00 which serves a total of 100 people. Indeed, the best option for a wedding cake.

On the other hand, a 9 inch round cake costs $22.75 and it serves 12 people. Portos milk and berries cake size is 8 inch and it costs $39.99.

If you want a customized cake, then you will have to pay a few more dollars as such cakes require more time and effort. Cupcakes are also a good choice to enjoy your cheat day and satisfy your sweet tooth.

The price of a regular cupcake is $1.95 and the price of a decorated cupcake is $3.25. 


Does Portos deliver cakes?

Yes, Portos does deliver its cakes nationwide. You can even order online by visiting its website. 

Do Portos do custom cakes?

Yes, Portos also provides a customizable cake option. You can add whatever you want in your custom cake. Porto’s meet all your custom specifications. 

Does Portos make custom cakes?

Yes, Portos does make custom cakes with full professionalism. This bakery is beyond awesome. They will turn your beautiful dreamy cake into a magical reality by their skilled crafting. 

How to order Portos cake?

Go to Portos official website and select the item you want to order. Add it to your cart, review your cart and subtotal. Then choose the delivery date and time. You can opt for pick up or delivery as you like. After that, enter your location and other required information to successfully place your online order. 

How to make Portos milk and berries cake?

This cake is made with three different kinds of milk. After preparing the cake batter, pour the mixture in an 8-inch cake pan and bake it for about 30-35 minutes. Then add a mixture of three milks over it and leave it overnight to soak.
On the next day, prepare whipped cream and also add berries in a separate bowl. Then properly cover all the layers of cake with cream and combined berries. Also spread cream evenly on the sides of the cake and top it with the remaining berries. Serve it right away or chill it for about 3-4 hours before serving. 

Final Words

Portos cakes are very impressive to add a festive and creative touch to any party or occasion. You can make things extra special with their specialty cakes and stunning designs. The smooth and velvety texture of these cakes melts in your mouth. These budget-friendly cakes are so moist and soft. The quality of Porto’s bakery goods is outstanding thus justify its prices. 

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