14 Inch Pizza – How Big is A 14 Inch Pizza?

You must be in a state of confusion reading this article that how much pizza to order tonight. Is it annoying and bothering you??

Don’t worry then, keep on reading the article and you will get to know the 14 inch pizza size, 14-inch pizza calories, and much more that you are looking for.

Pizza is preferably a part of every party or event because it is a central spot of attraction throughout the meal session at a party.

It can be carried and eaten while walking and dancing and give a comfortable vibe throughout. Adding this sizzling dish can be an appealing enhancement to the party.

14-Inch Pizza Size

Keep the worries aside and make a plan for tonight’s party with us by estimating the number of pizzas to be ordered and the slices to be served on an adequate budget.

Firstly, you must know which pizza will go well with your specific party type. Here we are discussing, whether 14-inch pizza is enough or suitable for the party not.

Don’t miss out on anything, Start making notes and keep on scrolling the article thoroughly. Let’s have a look at the number of slices in 14-inch pizza…

How Big is A 14 Inch Pizza?

A 14-inch pizza is typically cut into 10 slices by default. Cutting the pizza into 10 slices is the best possible cutting scheme preferred by all the pizza brands and shops.

This makes eating a pizza easier and more comfortable. As all brands don’t make equal pizzas in harmony so there can be variations, based on the brands.

How Big is A 14 Inch Pizza?

Certain customized and special style pizzas come in with 8 slices as extra-large ones because of the conveniently suitable cuttings.

Asking a customer service agent of that specific shop about 14-inch pizza is highly recommended.  It will guide you accordingly and this will drop all the doubts.

14-Inch Pizza Size

A 14-inch pizza may vary in size from one brand to the other or from one shop to the other, but the typical size of a 14 inch pizza is 153.86 sq. inches in surface area.

14-Inch Pizza Slices

14 inch pizza slices are 10 in number. If we talk about the surface area, it is enough to be eaten as a whole meal.

A pizza of this size appears to be 1.36 times bigger and loaded more than a 12-inch pizza , which makes it evident that it will be more than enough for 4-5 people.

14 Inch Pizza Price

A 14-inch pizza is priced according to the customized toppings and the crust. But generally, you have to pay $8.89 for a 14-inch pizza.

This is for the original and simple crusted 14 inch pizza. The prices for the loaded cheese, veggie, and meat toppings can reach $11.00.

How Many Calories Are In 14 Inch Pizza?

A 14-inch pizza adds 272 calories approximately to your body, in an original crust and cheese-topped form.

  • Fats 9.8 grams
  • Cholesterol 22 mg
  • Sodium 551 grams
  • Total carbohydrates 33.6 grams
  • Proteins 12.3 grams
  • Calcium 182 mg
  • Iron 2 mg
  • Vitamin A 324 grams
  • Potassium 159 mg

FHow Many People Does A 14-Inch Pizza Feed?

As 14-inch pizza gives out 10 slices an average estimation gives us the idea that this overall pizza can be served or shared among 5 people, 2 slices each person.

This 14 inch pizza is called a large pizza and is preferred at huge gatherings and parties. How many slices are in a 14 inch pizza is a half-battle.

How many people does a 14-inch pizza feed?

You must know the other parameters as well so you can have efficient planning for the party.

Let’s discuss the parameters based on which the number of pizzas to be ordered is placed or taken into account.

Different Pizza Sizes:

How Many Pizzas To Order?

Count The People You Are Inviting

Make a list of the people you are inviting so you must have a rough calculation of the overall number of guests before planning the menu.

Keep The Kids Aside

Make a list of the kids separately as kids eat less than people of other ages. Estimate one piece or slice for each kid. Kids can be easily distracted by the tasty sandwiches, burgers, and cupcakes.

Adding Appetizers

Adding appetizers can lessen the demand for pizza as appetizers will add to their hungry stomach, in this way, the ordered amount of pizza would be enough for the guests.

Order A Bit More

You must have some additional quantity as extras so you might not worry if some uninvited guests arrived and you are left under the wire.

You can also get customized cutting. For a more comfortable eating style, you can make your pizzas cut into as many pieces as you want. You can get a pizza of small 16 pieces from the full 14-inch pizza.

How Can A Pizza Calculator Assist Me?

There are brand-based pizza calculator websites or applications available to make it easy for you to count the pizza slices for a party.

All you have to do is to add the number of guests. That application or the software will automatically give you the calculated estimation of the number of pizzas for your group.

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