12 Inch Pizza – How Many Slices Are In A 12-Inch Pizza?

This article will help you to calculate the quantity of pizza to be brought to the party. It will also explain the most frequently asked queries like how big is a 12 inch pizza.

We will provide you with a deep insight into 12-inch pizza size, 12-inch pizza price, 12-inch pizza slices, and so on.

Seeing a variety of pizza sizes and focusing on what you should have and calculating the number of slices to be brought to the party can be a confusing and difficult task.

How Many Slices Are In A 12-inch Pizza

We will make all the calculations and will do the math for you so nothing will bother you and you must enjoy the party.

As everyone or most of the portion, everyone likes pizza. The table seems boring if the pizza isn’t its component.

This attraction of us towards the sizzling treat makes us put special emphasis on the calculations and availability of this item.

Arranging a casual party with a lot of people to feed is quite bothering in a way that it will put your mind on services and dealings with the guests.

For this, you are always planning and calculating the items required. In this case, you are also checking your budget and account and don’t want the items to get wasted.

Here we will guide you in such a way that you will not face the wastage of food and in turn your money.

Let’s discuss the 12-inch pizza that is also called a medium pizza and is very much preferable in medium gatherings.

How Big Is A 12 Inch Pizza ?

though 12-inch pizza is called a medium one and there can be variations in the size from place to place or brand to brand.

Some brands serve an inch or two aside from the typical size. When you order a medium size pizza you may come to know that the pizza is cut into 8 pieces by default.

How big is a 12 inch pizza

No matter what the size, every brand does so and cuts the 12-inch pizza generally in 8 slices as it seems the standard one aside from the customizations.

12 Inch Pizza Size

A 12-inch pizza has an area of around 113.04 square inches. It is evident from the size that 12-inch pizza is quite bigger than a 10-inch pizza .

How Many Slices Are In A 12-Inch Pizza?

If we talk about an individual 12-inch pizza slice’s size, it is noted that it is typically 14.1 square inches in its area. It typically consists of 8 slices that are enough for 3 & 4 people.

This makes it evident that putting in two slices can be enough for your stomach but if you are having a healthy appetite then three slices will surely go well with your appetite and stomach. 

Though the thickness of the slice varies with that of the toppings and the fluffiness of the base.

12-Inch Pizza Price

Normally a 12-inch pizza is priced between $6.50 to $8.00. This is a reasonable price in a way like you can serve 4 people at this low cost.

Letting you know about the 12-inch pizza price at Domino , it must say that the hand-tossed medium-sized pizza costs $7.99 on average. Customized pizzas may demand more money.

Pizza Hut serves a medium-sized, 12 inch pizza for just $11.99 according to the updated information.

It seems expensive but the taste compensates for every little penny here. Once you have a bite you will not regret your money. The size is also a bit bigger than the usual 12-inch pizzas. 

Papa Joh’s inflates the prices for 12-inch pizza to $13.00. All this cost is for the freshly flooded cheesy bites.

After having all the notices of the number of slices and the overall pizza slice you must be looking for the question,

12 Inch Pizza Feeds How Many?

A 12-inch pizza has 8 slices and a medium-sized one, so, taking all the appetizing ratios in mind it must say that it can feed four people. The typical calculations are of the view of 2 slices per person.

Platting 8 members together to eat 12 inch pizza isn’t preferable at all. This will be a bad hosting gesture if you do so. Pleasing the guests and their stomachs should be your priority. Don’t ignore the guest’s satisfaction.

The main thing to be counted in calculating the number of pizzas required is appetite. Make sure you must add some appetizers before a whole meal on your menu.

12 Inch Pizza Feeds How Many?

So, people may get their selves and their stomach with the appetizers well and will grab fewer slices. Adding salads, siders, and light organic sandwiches will go well as appetizers.

While doing the pizza math it is recommended to mention the kids at the party. Kids mostly like pizzas but some entertaining customized special dishes can drag their attention aside from pizza and they will go well with the other items.

The organic customized light party sandwiches and burgers will suit well with the taste buds of the kids at the party.

Concluding all the calculated estimations, I will say that you must have 3 slices for each person.

And if you have added some appetizers then two slices for each person is enough in this case.

Don’t make it so tricky for yourself. Apply the formula of three slices each and you will be glad at the end that you ended up as a great host with an awesomely planned party. For kids, you can estimate 2 slices each.

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FAQs About 12 Inch Pizza

Is 12 inch pizza enough for two?

 A 12 inch pizza will be more than enough for two people as generally, it serves four people. If two persons are sharing a 12-inch pizza they will be left with one or two slices. If they are craving so badly then they might eat it all up.

How many slices are in a 12 inch pizza?

A 12 inch pizza is typically cut into 8 slices and can be accommodated by 3-4 people. This is a highly recommended pizza for parties.

How many people does a 12 inch pizza feed?

A 12 inch pizza gives out 8 slices. Calculating all the estimations it seems that a 12-inch pizza will be enough for 3-4 people, 2 slices each person.  

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