Highland Bakery Atlanta – Menu & Ordering

Highland Bakery is well known for delicious, fresh baked goods. Highland Bakery is the place to stop if you are looking for fresh bread for breakfast, ready-made lunch, or just to have a coffee and freshly baked buns.

Highland is the top recommended bakery in this area. High-quality food and lattes, and the services are awesome here.

The bakery is also well known for its friendly and professional staff and reasonable prices.

Highland Bakery Menu

Highland Bakery provides breakfast, lunch, and some refreshments on their main menu.

  • Breakfast Menu

Breakfast menu contains flavorsome starters, quick bread, entrees, benedicts, and sandwiches.

There is also an exciting option on the omelet breakfast menu. But the question is how this omelet can be such an exciting and liked item on the breakfast menu.

So here is the secret, you can build it on your own. You can choose your side whether you want some veggies or meat in that omelet.

There is an additional cheesy element too. You have a choice of switching to the taste that suits your buds.

Cereals and sides are also available on the breakfast menu to add more nutrition and taste to your meal.

  • Lunch Menu

The lunch menu includes meaty and cheesy sandwiches, salads, soups, and combos. The salads and soups will be a thrilling addition to your taste buds.

A combo of meat and vegetables gives this portion of the menu nutritious importance.

  • Refreshments

Refreshments include americano, cappuccino, mocha, chai latte, activator coffee, single espresso, and double espresso.

Coffee items include cold brew, brewed to-go, and brewed for dine-in. Juices, soft drinks, and water are also available as refreshments.

Highland Park Bakery

The bakery is special for baking services. The bakery items are baked on site from scratch, every day.

The ingredients are very fine and pure. The fresh ingredients provide the purest products to the customers.  

The finest set of ingredients includes Plugra butter and Valrhona Cocoa to the highest quality Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

They treat their customers so well. The customer services are so brilliant and excellent as they believe in good treatment with their shoppers.

They make bread every day. No raw bread is placed in the racks again for sale. At the end of every day, all remaining cupcakes and treats are given to local nonprofits and philanthropies and we begin baking again the very next morning. They make it clear by saying that “WE WOULD NEVER SELL DAY OLD”.

The best thing about Highland Park Bakery is that you will enjoy the fresh and purest bread and other baked items.

They believe in treating yourself well and this is the reason they are striving to deal the best they can. You can enjoy the freshest delights baked just hours after your visit.

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Highland Bakery Peachtree Ordering Online

Popular cafe dishing up Southern comfort food & baked goods, as well as all-day breakfast. This restaurant only offers pickup.

There is a vast variety of menus, offers, and services. You can place your orders and reviews on the website and through mail too.

The website will show you the menu that is available which you can add to your cart. The unavailable menu items are also marked there.

You can also easily go through your listed cart. The pickup services are easily reachable. All you have to do is,

  • Search for the official home website
  • Now search in for the categories.
  • Select the menu of your choice.
  • Add the selected items to your cart.
  • Enter the address and other contact information in the bar.
  • You will get your order at a distinct time.

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