Naples Pizza Guide – 10 Pizzerias that offer Naples Pizza

Looking for the best pizza in Naples? Let us show you the ones you are looking for. The Naples restaurants are well known for their traditional baking styles.

The wood ovens and the classical aroma attracts the shoppers to come here. From the simple pies to the Italian slices everything there seems to be very innovative.

This article is going to help you explore the best pizza in Naples FL, Naples pizza Amesbury and much more.

Naples Pizza Menu

The Naples Pizza Amesbury menu includes featured items like Calzone and Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza. Platers include beef and chicken fingers served with fries.

Sides comprises Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, Broccoli bites, Chicken Fingers, and Buffalo fingers.

The special and famous Naples Pizza menu includes three cheese, BBQ Chicken, vegetarian, and Pepperoni menu. 

Pizza Restaurants

There are a lot of choices for you to choose that match your taste buds from Naples Pizza. The beautifully baked oven-fresh pizzas are available at these restaurants in Naples,

Citrola’s on College

The beautiful, simple and delicious pizzas waiting there.

The special simple additional side sauce makes it remarkable. This is pizza as pizza should be.

The Crust Pizza

These restaurants serve the best crispy thin pizzas, as a starter to your meal with a nutritious addition.

The most sizzling magical cup-and-char pepperoni is the attraction spot there. The two locations in Naples serve these tasty slices.

Downtown House of Pizza

This is one of the best sites in Naples to taste Brooklyn-style pies. The rolled-over pizzerias with crispy hand-toasted dough are waiting for you.

The simple pizza with magical and traditional sauces is famous there.

Frankie’s Authentic Italian Deli

The sizzling sauces, traditional crispy pizzas, luscious siders, and toppings are a vibe all their own.

Grandpa’s Pizza

The brick-fired ovens’ pizzas with a classical aroma are waiting for you to come and dine in.

The meaty, cheesy, and long set of ingredients are there for you to enjoy the pizza toppings balancing your taste buds.

Great White Grill

Expect lots of cheese, ample toppings, and a slightly thicker crust. All this goes well with an ice-cold pint of beer, a spot of attraction there.

Grimaldi’s Pizza

Signature coal-fired ovens with an attractive aroma are all you find there. This is the best place for you to enjoy Brooklyn-style pizza .

The Luscious crunchy pizzerias are there if you are looking for the ones around Naples.

Industry Pizza & Slice Shop

This location is famous for the rectangular-sliced pizzas rather than the round ones.

Though they also bake round pizzas, the rectangular ones there are famous for the loaded tops. The rustic sauce is a signature sauce served on the top there.

Joe Daddy’s Pizza

The crust is lighter, crispier, and more airy than, say, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s.

The flour, water, salt, sauce, and cheese are in perfect proportion to get them just right.

La Trattoria

La Trattoria’s pizza menu is divided into “Pizze Rosse” and “Pizze Bianchi.” The former is home to the Capricciosa (artichokes, ham, mushrooms, salami), while the latter features such pies as the Norcia, smoked.

This is a long list, though it is not a complete one. This long list of restaurants will serve you the pizzas from their wood-fired ovens.

Starting from the simple eggplant-topped pies to the fanciest Italian pizzas, all this is what they serve and what most people look there for. 

What is significant in Naples Pizzeria Amesbury?

Naples Pizzeria at Amesbury is the best place to dine in if you are interested in enjoying the siders and subs along with pizzas.

The steak and Cheese sub is a significantly fantastic meal there. The choice of ingredients and flavoring is the main feature that makes Naples Pizzeria Amesbury a well-known pizza brand in Naples.

There are approximately 18 restaurants found in Amesbury. Neapolitan pizza has a very thin crust at the base, with dough that puffs up around the sides and provides for a very airy crust.

Naples Pizza Menu Prices

The Naples pizza appetizers range from $8.95 to the inflated palate of $13.45. the mix of additional dietary salads and sides is available in between a range of $4.95.

The kid’s menu includes Spaghetti with a Meatball platter for just $5.25. You can also taste buffalo wings as a separate menu item for $9.25.

The special pizza menu prices range from the cheap simple pizza for $9.49 to the most inflated one for $14.99.


Guide to Naples pizza dough recipe 

Naples pizza is made from a lean dough—that is, it’s got nothing but flour, water, salt, and yeast. No oil, no sugar is used in its making. 


The quality set of ingredients includes 20 ounces bread flour, 4 ounces kosher salt, 3 ounces instant yeast, and 13 ounces water. 


  • Mix flour, salt, and yeast in a large bowl and whisk until homogenous.
  • Add more water so that no dry flour remains in the bowl.
  • Wrap and allow to rise at room temperature for 8 to 12 hours.
  • Place in the refrigerator and allow to rise at least 2 more days, and up to 4.
  • Allow resting at room temperature for at least 2 hours before baking.

FAQs About Naples Pizza

Is it expensive to eat pizza in Naples?

No, it is not expensive to eat pizza in Naples.

Is tipping necessary for Naples Pizza?

No, It is optional for Naples Pizza.

What are the various styles of Pizza in Naples?

There are two styles of pizza in Naples. Without Cheese (Marinara pizza) and with cheese (Margarita pizza).

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