Kroger Cakes Menu with Prices – How to order Kroger Cakes Online?

Kroger is the second-largest bakery in the country and has been present since the 1880s. Its bakery is mostly famous for its eye-catching birthday cakes and other freshly baked goods.

Kroger cakes are so delicious and are a perfect choice to celebrate your special occasions. You can enjoy beautifully decorated yummy cakes at such affordable prices. 

At Kroger bakery, you can satisfy your sweet cravings without breaking the bank.

There are several options available to choose from. From birthday cakes to graduation cakes, Kroger has a lot of different offers for almost any type of occasion.

Kroger Cakes can be your top choice when it comes to buying a perfect cake for your upcoming special event. 

Kroger Bakery – A Good Place To Buy Cakes

You will not regret choosing Kroger Cakes for your big day celebration. It’s the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth without destroying your budget.

Kroger also creates special wedding cakes that too at quite budget-friendly prices. You can select from their wide range of pre-made cakes. You can even order a custom cake of your choice.

Kroger bakery

Kroger has a brilliant and professional staff of skilled bakers that will meet all your specifications.  

If your graduation party is around the corner and you have made no plans yet. Then don’t worry. Kroger bakery is always there to help you with anything you want.

You can go to their local bakery store in person and let them know your requirements.

There’s also another option available. You can place an online order too. This service is only introduced for the ease and convenience of their customers. Because customer satisfaction is their foremost priority. 

What Kind of Cakes Does Kroger Offer?

Kroger bakery has a huge range of cakes for different occasions. They have special wedding cakes, birthday cakes, graduation cakes, and many others for any special event.

Their cupcakes are also pretty awesome for a small get-together party. Kroger birthday cakes are the most famous among others. 

They also offer licensed and trademarked birthday cakes. You can either get a ready-made cake from their nearby bakery. Or you can select one online from the Kroger Cakes catalog.

Kroger cakes menu

Kroger strawberry crunch cake is an amazing option to get from the Kroger birthday cake catalog. It’s so delicious and tempting. 

If you have any ideas about what kind of birthday cake you want, then discuss it with their baker. Their skilled bakers can help you in creating the cake of your dreams.

You can create a cake that matches your birthday party theme. You can surprise your younger brother by designing a Nintendo theme cake or your little sister with a Frozen theme cake. 

Does Kroger Make Custom Cakes?

Custom cakes are the way to go if you want to turn your ideas into reality. Kroger cake decorators offer this service too and you can count on them for this.

They design the best custom cakes in the town – no exaggeration. But you have to carefully discuss every tiny detail with them to get your perfect cake. 

You can fully enjoy your event with peace of mind without having any tension about other arrangements. Kroger bakers can efficiently help you with all things. 

Kroger custom cakes are like a plain blank slate where you can add things according to your taste and choice.

You can make your cake look more interesting and professional by adding cute toppers and fresh flowers. Tell the Kroger Cakes bakers to add all the things like flowers, nuts, toppers, etc. in a fun pattern. 

You can even select the cake flavor of your choice. You can either go for a vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge, or even marble flavor.

You can also choose icing flavor and color, cake border design, frosting design and flavor, fillings, cake size, icing type, or anything of your preference. 

Buttercream frosting is the best choice to make if you want something inexpensive. Besides this, whipped cream icing is great for an elegant custom cake. Don’t forget to add these to your instructions list for custom cake orders. 

For Kroger baby shower cakes, you can go for a gender reveal cake. Ask the baker to keep the outside of the cake neutral and make the cream fillings with either blue or pink color.

In this way, you can make the occasion even more thrilling and exciting for everyone. It also adds a modern touch to the traditional Kroger Cakes hence throwing a little surprise for your guests. 

As far as the wedding cake is concerned, you can also turn it into an amazing custom wedding cake.

The cake cutting moment is still considered very special on your big day. It’s indeed a memorable moment for both groom and bride.

Another new trend is getting popular that includes personal desserts and attractive cupcakes. 

Hence, it’s up to you what kind of sweet dessert you want for your big day. You can keep it simple and minimum by only writing names on a sheet cake.

Or you can choose a detailed designed cake with a fruit layer and flower decoration on top of the icing. Hence, when it comes to customization, there are unlimited ways to go with it. 

Kroger Cakes Prices in 2023

Kroger Round Cakes Prices with Serves

Kroger Round CakesServesPrices
8 Inch Single LayerServes 8$9.99
8 Inch Double LayerServes 8-12$13.99

Kroger Sheet Cakes Prices & Serves

Kroger Sheet CakesServesPrices
1/8 SheetServes 8$14.99
1/4 SheetServes 12-15$17.99
1/2 SheetServes 25-30$28.99
Full SheetServes 50-60$41.99
1/4 Character SheetServes 12-15$23.99
1/2 Character SheetServes 25-30$35.99
Full Character SheetServes 50-60$48.99


From Where to Select Kroger Cakes Online?

If you don’t have time for getting a custom-made cake, then you can also shop for premade cakes. Without leaving your home or workplace, you can select the cake of your choice from the Kroger Cakes catalog 2022.

You can even shop for party supplies from the catalog. You can get all your birthday and party goodies in one place. 

From their catalog,

 you can select what kind of decor you want for your cake. All the options are available out there for your convenience. You can now pull off a full gram successful birthday, graduation, bridal shower, or any other party even at the eleventh hour. 

Kroger’s dedicated and expert bakers are always available for your help. You can get your party snacks as well as appetizers to entertain your guests in the best way possible. All the premade cakes and also custom cakes options are present on their website

All you have to do is go to Kroger’s online website, select your favorite cake from the Kroger cake catalog 2022 and give all the required details. Fill in every box carefully while placing your online cake order. And tadaaa, you’re done. 

You can also build an online custom cake. It’s so easy and simple. You will be able to select your favorite design, flavor, icing and frosting type, toppers, etc.

You can also opt for a special written message request in your personalization instruction. so, Just make sure to place a custom order at least 48 hours in advance to get your perfect cake with no blunder. 

How Much Do Kroger Cakes Cost? – Different Flavors Prices

Kroger has cakes for everyone, from low-budget to high-budget. Kroger cakes prices are quite reasonable.

  1. It ranges from $16.99 to $44.99. But as far as the custom cakes are concerned, Kroger is the better stop than others like Costco and Walmart, etc.
  2. It offers the best custom cakes at economical prices as compared to other retail stores. 
  3. A total of 12 cupcakes set from Kroger costs around $2.99.
  4. Kroger special cakes’ prices vary depending upon the design and other features you want.
  5. Because custom cakes always come with extra charges.
  6. Kroger jungle cake and other Disney cakes’ prices range from $29.99 to $59.99. 
  7. On the other hand, the full sheet Kroger Cakes price is $44.99 and the ½ sheet price is $29.99.
  8. The price of an 8 inches double-layered cake is $16.99.
  9. The price of a strawberry shortcake is $9.99.
  10. And the price of Tiramisu cake is also $9.99. Kroger 2 cake slices cost around $2.50. 

Kroger Cakes Reviews

Kroger is popular due to its wide range of cakes for almost every special occasion. Kroger Cakes are not only budget-friendly but also taste very delicious. These cakes also meet all the requirements of even the pickiest customers. 

According to one customer, the design and flavor of the cake were pretty similar to what she thought in her mind. Her Kroger Cakes experience was very good and effortless.

Many customers raved about their Kroger Cakes experience best among all other bakeries. 

FAQs About Kroger Cakes

How to cook Kroger crab cakes?

First, gently stir the crab meat. After shaping it into patties, put it on the greased baking pan.
Then place it in the preheated oven. Bake for a good 8 minutes, then flip and again bake for another 8 minutes until the crab cake turns golden brown. 

Where are rice cakes in Kroger?

Rice cakes are found in the pantry department of Kroger store.

Can I order a cake online from Kroger?

Yes, you can definitely order a cake online from Kroger. Just open their online website and properly fill in the cake order form. 

Can you order a birthday cake from Kroger online?

Yes, you can order a birthday cake online from Kroger by selecting your exact location. Choose what birthday cake you will like to order. Then place an online order by following the given instructions.

Does Kroger have good cakes?

Yes, Kroger does have good cakes. Their cakes are properly baked with a rich filling and moist sponge.

Final Words

Different varieties of Kroger cakes go pretty well with every occasion. Their prices are remarkably lower than other bakeries in the town. That’s why these cakes are the best option for every low-cost event.

With unlimited designs and specifications, this is the best bakery to go for with an easy online ordering service.

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