Publix Cakes 2023 – Publix Cake order Online Guide

When it comes to the grocery store business, Publix cakes are the best ones in the town. That’s all you need to know about Publix, a review by an old customer. This shows customers’ confidence in Publix bakery items.

Any brand becomes famous among the customers when it gains their trust. So is the case with Publix.

Besides their premium-quality baked goods, their services are also up-to-the-mark. At your local Publix bakery, their staff is always there to help you.

Publix cake

Customer satisfaction is their foremost priority. They are very respectful towards their customers.

Most of their reviews and feedback are positive. All Publix cakes are awesome with unique flavors. 

The individual cake slices are heavenly and delicious. They are the best choice to lift your mood on a bad day (in case you don’t want a big cake).

If you are a diet-conscious person, eating just a slice of gluten-free cake isn’t a bad choice to make. Is it? After all, it will make you feel better. 

Publix Cakes – Best Cakes Ever!

you can find different varieties of Publix Cakes. All of their cakes are super tasty and moist.

They are of superb quality and taste like homemade cakes from scratch. These are not mere buttering words but the positive reviews of their loyal customers. 

All of their bakery items are so good and yummy. Be it apple pie tarts, brownies, fluffy pastries, SpongeBob SquarePants cakes, decadent desserts, gourmet cookies, donuts, bread, dinner rolls, or whatnot.

Publix  specialty cake

Every occasion is dull without a delicious cake. Good-quality Publix Cakes also make your events memorable. 

At Publix, you can also get custom cakes of your own choice. They have skilled staff and experienced bakers who make fresh cakes from scratch. They have cakes for every occasion.

Even if you don’t get the cake of your choice in-store, don’t worry. Publix Cakes have got your back. You can order a custom cake online from their catalog .

Publix Cakes Prices

Publix Cakes are pretty affordable than other bakery cakes. The price of their regular 8-inch conventional cake starts from $20.99, still more budget-friendly than cakes from other bakeries and marts.

Moreover, the prices of Publix ice cream cakes are a bit higher than the regular ones.

Their 8-inch ice cream costs around $24.99 while the same size regular cake price is $20.99.

A full sheet of ice cream costs around $100.99. Whereas a full sheet of traditional Publix cake price is $83.99, which is $17 cheaper than the ice cream cake.

Publix has a wide variety of cakes with different categories for every occasion.

So, that’s why the price of each cake varies depending upon it. Custom cakes are also a bit more expensive than traditional cakes. 

Publix Bakery Cakes MenuPrices
Publix Wedding CakesVaries
Cream Cheese Iced$91.99
Fudge Iced$82.99
Buttercream Iced$80.99
Cream Cheese Iced$50.99
Fudge Iced$46.99
Buttercream Iced$43.99
Cream Cheese Iced$27.49
Publix Special Edition Cakes$25.99
Fudge Iced$25.49
Decadent Dessert Cake$24.99
Buttercream Iced$23.49
Cream Cheese Iced$21.99
Buttercream Iced$18.99
Publix Full – Sheet CakesVaries
Publix Half- Sheet CakesVaries
Publix Quarter-Sheet CakesVaries
Publix Round CakesVaries

Publix Bakery Cakes

Publix sells almost every kind of cake for every event. From wedding cakes to birthday cakes, they have a wide range of decorated cakes.

You can also get customized cakes according to your requirements. Just tell them what you want, and the expert cake decorator at Publix Cakes will make it fresh for you. 

There are variety of Publix Cakes at bakery. It has:

  1. Graduation cakes 
  2. Themed-party cakes
  3. Wedding cakes
  4. Birthday cakes
  5. Baby-shower cakes
  6. Bridal-shower cakes

Publix Cupcakes Prices

Publix CupcakesPrices
12 count combo$31.99
18 count combo$35.99
24 count combo$39.99

Publix Sheet Cakes Prices with Serves

Publix Sheet CakesServesPrices
Publix Cake ¼ sheet cakeserves 15-20$24.99
Publix Cake ½ sheet cakeserves 35-40$60.00
Publix Cake  ¾ sheet cakeserves 55-60 $70.00
Publix Cake Full Sheet Cakeserves 70-80$118.00

Publix Round Cakes Prices with Serves

Publix Round CakesServesPrices
7-inch Publix Cakeserves 8$17.99
8-inch Publix Cakeserves 10$19.99
9-inch Publix Cakeserves 16$24.50
10-inch Publix Cakeserves 22 $32.99

Publix Birthday Cakes

To surprise your loved ones on their birthdays, you can get freshly made Publix Cake. You can select from a wide range of Publix birthday cakes.

birthday cake

From their birthday cakes category, Publix Cake Sweet 16 is the best signature cake to celebrate one’s 16th anniversary/birthday. 

Publix Wedding Cakes

To make your or your loved ones’ big day memorable, Publix Cakes are there for you. Their wedding cakes range include the most popular and yummiest soft moist cakes.

weeding cake

Their Blue Paradise, Blossoming Romance, Blackberry Lemon Bliss, Bridal Delight, Everlasting Love, and Extreme Chocolate are some of the best-selling cakes from the wedding cakes range. 

Publix Wedding Cakes Prices

Publix Wedding Cakes MenuPrices
Round Tiered Cakes (serves 75-150 guests)$370.00-$540.00
Square Tiered Cakes (serves 100-150 guests)$450.00-$680.00

Publix Specialty Cakes

If we talk about their specialty range, it’s as awesome as others.

It includes the theme cakes like cookies & cream hero cake, celestial unicorn cake, camouflaged cake, waves of chocolate, dino friend, rainbow’s celebration, spiderman ultimate light-up eyes, and many more.

But all of these Publix Cakes require an advance one-day notice as these are mostly customized ones. 

Publix Cookie Cakes Prices

Publix Cookie CakesPrices


Publix Custom Cakes 

At Publix bakery, you can also get cakes as per your preference by letting their cake experts know your specifications. They can prepare customized cakes for you exactly the way you want them to be.

But one thing that you should always keep in your mind is the advance notice. It takes a lot of effort and obviously time to prepare hundreds of cakes in one day.

So placing your custom cake order before the day of your occasion will give them time and a sigh of relief too. 

Customization allows you to create your cake by selecting toppings, flavor, design, and toppers of your choice.

You can also get gluten-free or sugar-free cake according to your dietary requirements.

If you have a fun birthday party, then you can pick a colorful rainbow design with a particular frosting and topping. It’s all up to you when it comes to Publix custom cakes

custom cakes

You can personalize your favorite movie character, your school/college logo, or any other thing as toppers on your custom cakes.

This is all so fun and also a unique way to celebrate your achievements and happy moments.

All the details and the remarkable handmade craft made a custom cake far more special than a regular cake.

Publix custom cakes include the Disney princess happily ever after signature cake, harry potter cake, Disney Frozen 2 mythical journey cake, Dinosaur pals, Christmas book, Jurassic world-warning, mickey mouse signature cake, and many others.

Still, you can create your cake as per your requirements. Or you can select any cake you like from the Publix Cake catalog available online. 

You can place an online order and get home delivery. You can also place an order and pick the cake up by yourself from the bakery. Or can go in person and select a cake of your choice.

All options are available only for the ease and convenience of customers. Hence providing exemplary Publix services. 

Publix Custom Cakes Prices

Publix Custom CakesPrices
Custom Shapes (cars, flowers, animals)$27.00-$75.00

FAQs About Publix Cakes

Does Publix make a gluten-free cake?

Yes, Publix does make a small-sized gluten-free cake. Besides this, Publix also has three different Greenwise cakes, all of them are also gluten-free. But you cannot get a custom gluten-free cake at Publix.

Does Publix make custom cakes?

Yes, Publix does offer different varieties of beautifully handmade custom cakes both in-store and online.

How much are Publix wedding cakes?

If we talk about per slice, then the lowest price is $1.50 and the highest price of per slice wedding cake is $12.00.
As far as the whole wedding cake price is concerned, it costs (on average) around $500. The price also depends on the number of cake tiers.

Does Publix have ice cream cakes?

Yes, Publix does have different kinds of ice cream cakes for different occasions.

Can I order a Publix cake online?

Yes, you can order a cake online from Publix. All you have to do is to select the option “online shop” on the Publix website and carefully fill in all the requirements to efficiently place your online order. 

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