Paw Patrol Cake – Decoration Ideas, Recipe & Prices 2022

The whole hassle of making a cake is worth the effort if it brings a smile to your little one’s face. Kids are always very curious and obsessed with their favorite cartoon or anime characters.

So, you can make your kid’s birthday memorable for him or her by going for a cartoon character-themed cake e.g. Paw Patrol Cake. 

There are high chances that your kids like Paw Patrol too. Because it’s one of the most famous animated series among young kids so far.

Its title song is also very catchy for the kids. It gets difficult to get its melody out of your head once you get captivated by it. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why kids like this series so much.

Choosing a Paw Patrol Cake for your little one’s birthday bash will make it extra special for him or her.

As the cake is the most important element of a kid’s birthday, it must be the center of attention for everyone.

Cartoon-themed cakes always look super cool. And you can also be known as the coolest parent among other parents if you go for creative designs and themes. 

Reasons to Choose a Paw Patrol Cake

Making kids satisfied with something is one of the most difficult things to do. Holding their attention to one thing is not an easy task. That’s why you should be super creative in designing their birthday cake.

Paw patrol is one of those designs that will entertain your kid throughout the birthday bash. It will also attract other kids to the party.

If you are still unsure about selecting a Paw Patrol Cake, then follow up with the following reasons. 

A Popular Demand

Paw Patrol Cake is one of the most popular demands out there in character-themed cakes. Being the centerpiece of the birthday party, the cake cutting moment is the most special one for the birthday kid.

And if the cake is based on one of her/his favorite characters’ themes, then they will instantly connect with it. It’s the easiest way to make your little one happy on his birthday.

An Exotic Design

Being an impressive design, the Paw Patrol Cake will enhance the glamor of a birthday party. This cake is such a great deal for your little one’s birthday. There are multiple Cake designs available out there.

You can make one by yourself too at home. Or you can also get it pre-made or even custom-made from your favorite bakery. Paw Patrol birthday cake is no doubt on the roll.

Inexpensive Custom Topper

If you want your kid’s birthday to be the best memory of his childhood and also the highlight of his birthday evening, a customized cake is the best choice to look for.

Paw Patrol Cake topper is another cost-effective option. This topper is edible. You can set it on top of your cake to enhance its look and charm.

If you think a custom Paw Patrol character theme cake will cost you more, then go with a topper. You can also put this topper on a simple homemade cake.

Easy to Décor

Customizing a cake itself is a very challenging task. You get confused between a lot of decorating options, and color combinations.

On the other hand, going for a cartoon character themed custom cake is a pretty convenient thing. With the character theme cake, you can also match your party decoration with that theme. This will present a very unique and cool ambiance.

Multiple Options

Choosing a Paw Patrol Cake theme comes with a lot of other options. You can do any experiment on your cake with your favorite flavor and shades.

You can go with any of your favorite flavors with ombre shade whipped cream. You can either choose Pinkberry hues or blueberry hues.

Pink is best for Paw Patrol Cake for girls. While blue hue goes perfect with Paw Patrol Cake for boys. 

Fun Paw Patrol Cake Ideas

There are numerous ideas you can choose from to make your kid’s birthday cake a showstopper dessert of the evening.

By using different Paw Patrol Cake supplies, you can turn your kids’ favorite characters into a dreamy yummy cake.

You can add any personalized message, number, topper, or your favorite character to it. You can even choose the whole Adventure Bay gang or any of them as per your choice. 

If you want a simple yet elegant cake, then go for the DIY option along with other supplies. You can add Paw Patrol skewers on top of the cake.

You can decorate the sides of the cake by making small paw symbols with colorful candies or chocolate chips. You can also use Paw symbol toppers to give it a chic look. 

Another Paw Patrol Cake idea is a delicious funfetti cake with lemon. This fluffy white cake with multi-colored sprinkles looks so amazing and delicious.

And after adding lemon flavored frosting or icing to it, it tastes so good and delightful. You can select the cake size as per your preference. 

Other Paw Patrol Cake ideas include a bone-shaped cake with the Paw Patrol logo. This white almond sour cream cake tastes heavenly, delicious and mouthwatering.

As far as frosting and icing are concerned, vanilla buttercream frosting and caramel icing are used. 

Moreover, there are also many fabulous Paw Patrol Cake ideas to select from. These include dog bowl cake with hiding dog print, paw print cake pops (cupcakes for girls), Paw Patrol tower cupcake, Paw Patrol drip cake, etc.

You can also add edible names of characters like Paw Patrol Zuma cake, Marshall cake, Rubble cake, Everest Cake, Chase cake, Rocky cake, Skye cake, and more on top of your cake.


Paw Patrol Cake Prices

Paw patrol Cake prices vary from bakery to bakery. Each bakery has these cakes at different rates , be it Walmart, Costco, Safeway, or any other.

Their prices start from $17 for smaller cakes and go up to $60 for larger ones like sheet cakes. 

At Giant Eagle’s, you can get Paw Patrol Cake in three different sizes (quarter, half sheet, and full sheet size).

Thus, the price of each size is different. A quarter sheet Paw patrol Cake will cost $31.49.

Whereas, the price of a half sheet cake is $47.99. You will have to pay $64.99 to get a full sheet size cake from Giant Eagle’s. 

Similarly, the prices of Paw Patrol Cakes are different at other bakery stores. At Cake room bakery, the prices are a bit high .

A 9-inch double-layer cake will cost you $100.00. It serves around 10-16 people. However, a 12-inch double-layer cake is $130.00 and it can serve a total of 20-30 people. 

Walmart offers Paw Patrol Cake at pretty reasonable prices. The price of a 6-inch round cake is $13.99.

It is topped with an edible icing image of three Paw Patrol characters named Skye, Everest, and Mars.

A Paw Patrol birthday cake kit costs $12.99. You can also get other Paw Patrol icing supplies for decorations like a 12-count paw symbol set for just $9.20

If you want to bake a cake yourself at home, get yourself a Wilton Paw cake pan for just $18.99 from Walmart.

To top it with Paw Patrol characters, you can get an edible cake topper image 1/4th sheet for only $16.99. Whereas 1/2th size sheet cake topper edible frosting image of Paw Patrol characters costs $24.00.

How to make a Paw Patrol Cake?

Using all the Paw Patrol store-bought supplies, it’s very easy to make a Paw Patrol Cake at home.

  • Get a simple or plain basic premade cake from a bakery store or bake it yourself at home.
  • Once the cake is ready, coat it with delicious ready-made or homemade buttercream.
  • Then topped the cake with Paw patrol skewers or edible toppers.
  • You can also add a DIY touch by decorating the sides of the cake with M&Ms by making mini colorful Paw symbols with it.
  • If the cake is ready-made, then it will take only 10 minutes to decorate a Paw Patrol theme cake.

How to make Paw Patrol Cake toppers?

For making a Paw Patrol Cake topper at home, you will require printable Paw Patrol stickers, a toothpick, a hot glue gun, and cardstock paper.

  • The first thing to do is to paste Paw patrol printable stickers on a cardstock sheet and cut it accordingly.
  • After cutting the cake toppers, attach the toothpick to them with the help of a hot glue gun.
  • Once the glue dries out properly, your cake toppers are ready to put onto the cake.

FAQs About Paw Patrol Cake

Where can I buy a Paw Patrol Cake?

You can get a Paw Patrol Cake from any of your local bakery stores. You can even get it custom-made if not found in premade cake collections.

Where to buy Paw Patrol birthday cake?

You can easily buy it from Walmart, Costco, Target store, Sam’s Club bakery, Safeway cakes, or any other famous bakery store chain.

Final Words

If you’re thinking about throwing a surprise birthday party for your little one, a Paw Patrol Cake might be the cake your kid would love to cut, eat, and enjoy on his or her birthday. 

This unique theme cake décor will spell distinctiveness on your kid’s birthday. There are a lot of different varieties available out there.

You can even select cupcakes with Paw Patrol characters’ edible image toppers in different colors and designs without breaking the bank. The choice is up to you.

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